My walk 

We have all got that special place where we can go for that moments piece and quite.  For me it is a walk by the river thames.  I love the calmness that comes when I walk by it.

The start of my walk is at Surrey quays.  The photo above is quite telling.  This is the entrance way to the river thames.  It’s looks quite dark and dreary but at the other side of this short tunnel is what can only be described as beauty and calmness.

This picture is taken at the other side of the tunnel.  I refer to the painting on the wall as the thinking man and I believe that this is quite accurate.  From a distance, this painting can be mistaken for someone sitting on the wall having a few moments of reflection.

Here I stopped with some bread to feed the ducks and swans.  There were not many out on this occasion but normally there are quite a few ducks and swans to be seen.  This is also the beginning of the thames at Surrey docks.

Here is just a map of the area.

The above three photos are of Surrey docks water sports centre. This is where children and adults alike can come a learn how to sail or canoe.  They offer quite reasonable rates allowing people of all financial backgrounds the chance to enjoy and learn water sports.

The above three photos are of the docks.  There is spacing for approx 100 boats of all shapes and sizes.  There are fishing boats, canal boats and yachts docked here.  Many of the boats have occupants living on them.  These boats are easy to recognise, there owners have decorated them beautifully. There are many entrances to gain entrance to the boats, which have all got security gates.  This also was a shipping yard when the thames was used for trading, but that stopped in the 1960’s.

Here you can see some of the private dwellings around the area.  These apartments are private with a one bedroom flat likely to cost in and around £2000 a month.  The area is up and coming but also offers privacy and quietness as well as an amazing view of the thames and Canary Wharf.  There is also amazing transport links here, the thames river clippers is a short 2 minute walk, the east London line a 5 minute walk, jubilee line a 10 minute walk also there is a fantastic bus network with buses going in all directions around London, a short 5 minute walk away.

This is the shipping yard.  Boats are dry docked here for repairs and up keep.

Here is the canal entrance to the river thames.  This is a place I love to bring the kids as they can see how the boats gain entry to the thames and can watch how the water level rises and lowers when boats are entering the river or coming into dock.

Next we arrive at the actual river.  In this photo you can see the thames clipper port, Greenland pier.  The river in this area is always busy and many sorts of boats can be seen around this area.

This is part of the old docks where boats in the past would come and dock carrying different materials to be sold in and around the Deptford area.  They closed down around the 1960’s after the regeneration of Deptford.

Here are some examples of boats that come up and down the area.  The first picture is of the thames experience.  People can pay to speed up and down the themes.  It’s quite popular and appears to be a trill seeking experience.  The second picture is of an older fashioned boat that is hired out for weddings and parties.  This picture doesn’t show the true beauty of this boat.  It has to be seen at night when it is lit up.

This is some of the last remaining council flats in the area around the thames.

This is argon tower.  This once was a council tower block, one of three that was built-in the 1960’s regeneration of Deptford.  Lewisham council sold if off about 10 years ago. And it was transformed into private accommodation with a nursery at the bottom.  The penthouse apartment is rumoured to have been sold at 5 million about 5 years ago.

As we enter Greenwich, I was lucky to capture a picture of the HMS bulwark docked in Greenwich harbour.  It was docked here in remembrance of anniversary of Jutland and also to host the peregrine trophy awards.  Here is an article about it been docked in Greenwich

As I finish my walk I can see the cutty sark.  The cutty sark is a British clipper ship.  It was built-in 1869 and was one of the last tea clippers to be built and was also one of the fastest.  The museum is very interesting but is quite expensive to visit.

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